Sunday, November 1, 2009

Subaru KickBoxer Motorcycle Concept

What you see below is the work of one Ian McElroy. It’s a render, done in SolidWorks, of a concept motorcycle that has a Subaru WRX motor at its core. With twin-intercoolers, underseat turbocharger, and a hub-steering chassis, the KickBoxer, as McElroy calls it, is an impressive looking machine, but what’s most impressive is that Ian didn’t know a lick of SolidWorks before he set out to make this design.

Learning as he went along, McElroy painstakingly had to battle with not only fitting a car motor into a bike chassis, but also with operating the SolidWorks software. The result is a tasteful and eye-catching design that promises some punch (couldn’t resist that) when you twist the throttle.

Surprisingly in the concept, the motor & transmission from the Subaru don’t look nearly as looming as one would suspect. In his design, McElroy uses both front and rear single-sided swingarms, with perimeter rim disc-brakes. Reminiscent of the Confederate Wraith, the overall effect of the KickBoxer is a sportier, and probably better handling street shredder.