Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gucci Beats iPhone App

Ever wish your iPhone could look as good as you do in that Gucci suit with those matching Gucci loafers? Well, it still can’t…. But your iPhone can be laced with the Gucci Beats! Luxury brands have seen a bit of trouble amidst the recession earlier this year so they are vamping up their marketing efforts to move some serious product this holiday season. Gucci’s answer? Create an app for one of the worlds most popular hand held devices of course! Following suit of many other luxury retailers, Gucci’s iPhone app differs from the rest in that it is trageted and designed with a specific demographic and lifestyle in mind. The app features working turntable functionality for mixing tracks produced by Mark Ronson along with a handy hotel and restaurant tip guide. The app also gives users information on Mark Ronson’s limited edition Gucci sneakers as they pop up at Gucci retailers in real time.

How much more exclusivity do you want!?! Well, in addition to all that, included are all Gucci store locations along with Gianni’s favorite clubs, hotels, restaurants and hotspots in 20 major cities around the globe and they are marked using your phone’s GPS locator in Google Maps! All this for FREE.99 (that’s free, zip, nada, no cost!), how can you afford to not download it? You can grab the app now via the app store and expect it to start feeding you pop ups starting this Saturday! Now that’s marketing!