Saturday, October 10, 2009

CONFRÉRIE HORLOGÈRE Watches Website Finally Active

After teasing me for months with a simple placeholder movie on their website, the CONFRÉRIE HORLOGÈRE website is finally ready for action. The Confrerie Horlogere is new watch making arm of BNB Concept, one of Switzerland's best complex watch movement makers. One of their first watches was sold as a one-off piece for the sum of 280,000 euros. The brand combines the talent of enthusiastic young watch makers with the engineering prowess of a movement making powerhouse. One of the best things about the watches is that many of them carry lifetime warranties.

The new website is just as interesting and daring as some of the timepieces. Like a skeletonized watch, the website is also skeletonized. In website design, a navigational map or tree is often made to explain how the site will work, and how pages are connected to one another. In a unique move, the Confrerie Horlogere made the finished site to look like this. You literally navigate around the tree as new areas pop up. I've personally never seen anything like it before, and I like the concept. It isn't perfect, but it is a novel way of checking out the website of an interesting brand. They could use the addition of a more traditional navigation bar in addition to the system they have, and of course they need to flesh the site out with more content. Overall I think you'll be impressed with the courage and dedication the brand has with not only their watches, but with their media presentation as well.